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Flower Beauty Products

Body Scrubs & Wraps

Pamper and revitalize for the smooth, supple, glowing skin with our range of body scrubs. For firmer skin and lightened skin tone, do try our body wraps!

Back Massage

Body Massage

Choose from our relaxing massages - Swedish/ Hot Stone / Lava Shell

Spa Stones

Body Rituals

Indulge yourself in a relaxing and rejuvenating body care ritual designed for you!

Herbal Oils


A holistic healing treatment of body, mind and spirit with the use of essential oils.

Reflexology Therapy

Foot Reflexology

A relaxing foot treatment where pressure is applied on specific foot points corresponding to organs and areas in body. 


Sound Healing

Healing frequencies of the Tibetan Singing Bowls release the energy blockages in physical and subtle energy fields.

Intuitive Counseling

Access Bars

Access Bars is a gentle hands on healing process which helps to clear the blockages and promotes flow of energy.

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